No shake to take with you? Grab and go!

It's tough to always have pre-planned meals and snacks when you are on the go. And if you are an active individual, you can't afford to miss out on fueling your body with proteins and nutrition.

The other day I was out and about without my protein shaker and mix in tow, but I found this little bugger at a local grocery store. The Gatorade Recovery Shake. See the label below----decent amount of proteins (20 grams), carbs (45 grams)  and calories (240) for your engine. For the price ($2.00) I couldn't pass it up.

Straight off the counter, non- refrigerated and it was a pretty good tast too! So next time you out without a good shake supp, stop by agrocer and grab this great drink by the makers of Gatorade.