Online Performance and Fitness Training

Online Fitness & Sports Performance Program Design

Train with a plan! Customized Online Training Program is specifically designed to fit your needs. Programs are designed for those looking to reach their training goals from either a Fitness or Sports Performance standpoint.

Online Fitness Training

The Online Fitness Training Program is designed for those looking to reach goals such as Increased Strength, Endurance, Conditioning, and Body Weight Management

Online Sports Sports Performance Training

The Online Sports Performance Program designed for competitive team sport athletes and endurance sports athletes focusing on: Power, Strength, Speed, Agility/Quickness, Conditioning and Endurance

Who uses our Online Training Programs?

  • Team and Individual Sport Athletes
  • Fitness Enthusiasts and "Weekend Warrior" types
  • Adventure/Obstacle Racers
  • Endurance Sports Competitors

Each program is designed in accordance with: 

  • Training tools you have access to
  • Your daily/weekly training schedule
  • Your level of fitness and athleticism
  • Your training goals

Each program can meet your training needs, whether you're looking for general fitness or sports performance training.

Each Online Training Program Features:

  • Excel Program Breakdown-Each customized workout is fully structured based on specific exercises/drill, sets, reps, etc. that is designed in an excel format. Workouts can also be viewed on a smart phone or tablet as you workout, or can be printed to take with your or to be filed away in a binder.
  • Email supervision- All training progress is monitored with Performance Coach via email as you workout your way through your program.  Got questions, comments or concerns?  We are here to help guide and TRAIN you with unlimited email access!
  • Bonus Downloads-We will send you downloadable workouts and training info to help get your performance to that next level.
    Video Support- Training Video support will also be utilized in an effort to create a better training program.

Online Training Program Costs
4-Week Online Training Program ($60)
4-Week Customized Online Training Program completely detailed. Features 4-weeks of training drills and exercises.

6-Week Online Training Program ($90)
6-Week Customized Online Training Program built over 6-Week period evolving to the needs of the individual, completely detailed and specific. Features 6-week program of training drills and exercises.

12-Week Online Program ($150)
12-Week Customized Online Training Program built over a 3 month period evolving to the needs of the athlete. Features 12-weeks of training drills and exercises.

4-Week Online Training Program $60

6-Week Online Training Program $90

12-Week Online Training Program $150