Every rep matters: especially when you track the intensity of each lift!

The Push tracker monitors are great for tracking velocity and power during lifting sessions. Each rep is tracked to give you insight on the intensity of the movement, rather than just moving the bar to move it. This helps athletes to move and work with mindful attention to HOW they are moving.

Every rep matters.

Knights Lunge Curl and Press

This exercise is a bit of a "fan favorite" for me! I love the doing the lunge curl and press because it combines a forward and backwards movement with a vertical movement in one rep. Works the body from a unilateral standpoint too, as you are working each arm and leg independently from each other.

I "count the press", meaning if the scheme calls for 8 reps, it would be 4 lunges per leg (alternating) with 8 presses at the top.

Create your training legacy

Training is a way to prep for activity.

 It's different than "working out". 

Training is doing the work in preparation for what's to come. A training mindset is a preparation mindset. So choose the mindset that will enhance your performance and get your competitive juices flowing. Train for the sake of the work and what it will do for your performance. Create a training legacy as you train for those who came before you and those coming after you.

Don't' workout. TRAIN

Wish bone snatch is a great over the head power movement

The Pur Motion Wish Bone snatch is a "power snatch" that enables you to finish with a killer lean.  One of my favorite movements in getting an overhead extension explosively.

Readers are leaders....

Readers are leaders. Find those moments to enhance your mindset and outlook on life by taking time to take advantage of the written word.

Reading books (whether they are fiction or non-fiction) can aid in our minds ability to process information and to put us in a positive creative state.

It doesn’t have to be “the great American novel”. Read what interests you and takes your mind to a different place.