Training (backside and pulling) Posterior Work

Training the backside of your body (posterior) is neglected sometimes as we walk forward and "push" our way through day to day life.  Check out these videos of posterior work done for the back side of the body. 

Remember: a strong healthy posterior powers us FORWARD through life!

Have a conditioning "Blast" with battle ropes

Try these battle rope variations to increase your conditioning and sports performance!

Battle Rope Tips:
  • Move the rope in an explosive manor
  • Work sets in time or reps (number of slams)
  • Use ropes exercises as super sets with strength movements

War hammer Reverse Lunge

There are a million ways to do lower body strength training! 

Using the Pur Motion War Hammer in the reverse lunge in way to do it that I've found highly beneficial to single leg strength training.

Angle Box plyo jumps with resistance

l Love plyo box jumps and this angle box jump with resistance is the "best thing since sliced bread" for combining bungee resistance and lateral jumping :) . Takes explosive training  to another level

DB clean to a step up to create a great combo exercise

One of my favorite combo exercises to work explosiveness and strength at the same time: DB Clean plus box step up.  Combines explosive movement and lower body strength to create a "total body feel" to the exercise.

Great for core stability and balance as well!