I LOVE jumping rope, but its one of those exercises that the more you do, the more you have to challenge yourself.  You can challenge yourself in different ways: alternate jumps with your feet, single foot jumps, more reps, etc.

I like the idea of adding a load to jump ropes. When I say load, it can either come from an outside source like a weighted vest or weighted belt, or it can be the rope itself.

With the weight being in the rope, it becomes a "cardio-strength" workout as you perform your jumps.

  • When you jump rope, jump in increments. I like to use an ascending and descending ladder: 25x5075x75x50x25.  With heavy ropes I like to go straight similar reps like 25x25x50x50x75x75.
  • Alternate your sets between using the heavy rope and using a lighter rope. For example, 25 jumps heavy, 25 jumps light, and so on.
  • For an added cardio effect during your workouts, jump rope in between sets.  Do a set of back squats, then rack it, and immediately perform a set of heavy rope jumps (typically about 20-25 reps).

WB kneeling press

Although I call this device "the wish bone" because of its look, but it's really called the 'Clean and Jerk'.

It can be used for Olympic movements, vertical pressing, pulling, etc. Here I am using it to do kneeling over head presses. On one knee I have to stabilize my body upright and press over head. Can't cheat because you can't use your legs. Great exercise for a great device. (Get one HERE at Pur Motion)

War hammer rotational clean

Personal fav exercise---the one handed rotational clean.  Works explosiveness and rotation skill at the same time. Tough to learn, but if you learn to do it, it creates a totally different way to explode that can apply across all sports.  Check out the "War Hammer Device" here.

BONUS VIDEO: toe touch box switches for quickness

Foot contact and quickness are key elements of sports performance. Check out this simple "box switch drill" (make sure you stay on your fore foot aka, "power pads".

Mini Box Drills for gaining quickness and explosiveness

Gain quickness and explosiveness using something as simple as a mini box.  A 6" inch box may not seem like big time training tools, but it can be used to train both of those athletic traits.  Check out this playlist of drills that can be done using the 6" box and incorporate them into your training program