Build a recovery "goodie bag" out of an assortment of tools

For the sake of daily performance and maintenance, I find it a good idea to have your own "recovery goodie bag". Recently I've started experimenting with the right size of bag and the contents to put in it.

I have discovered after using it the past few weeks that the main tools I use in my goodie recovery bag are:

  • Foam Roller
  • LAX ball
  • Softer Target Point Ball
  • Assortment of Bands
  • Dual "lax type ball"
These have ended up being the perfect items that I can pop out anytime to smooth out some aches and pains, and open up my body's range of motion and flexibility.  Then I zip them all into my bag (actually it's a zip up Yoga Mat Bag!) and be on my way!

Experiment with some items and build your own recovery goodie bag.

Training Mask used on my "Functional Day"

I had what I consider a "functional day" using my Training Mask. It wasn't the typical functional workout that many in my field would consider to be very "functional". I just called it a functional day as it was a day I did some different movements centered around explosiveness, core and rotational work.

  • Explosiveness For my explosiveness I performed hang cleans on the platform with a modest weight
  • Power When it came to power, I did plyo box jumps while holding a medicine ball
  • Rotational For my rotational exercise, I did both the kneeling wood chop and the War Hammer (by Pur Motion) rotational clean.
  • Core I used the glute ham machine in reverse for plate sit ups for my core work
......and I wore the Training Mask the entire time to challenge my cardio fitness.  

Preparation: the key to success in sport and life

 I strongly believe that the more confidence you have, the better you perform--in sport and in life.

But strong confidence come from a variety of factors, one of them being PREPARATION.  The harder we prepare, the more we increase the likelihood of success in everything we do.

In training athletes over the years, I've found that although training methods and tools have changed, the one constant is that when preparation meets opportunity, good things happen.

As you prepare to reach your goals, understand that your preparation is the key to your success. Prepare to reach your goals by committing to a goal, then finding ways to reach them.  With physical goals, we need to understand where we want to go (be faster, stronger, more agile, etc) and then find the tools/methods we need to prepare to reach those goals.

Want to reach your goal? Prepare to the maximum of your abilities, and treat preparation like a process that is that will bring you closer everyday to reaching your goals.

Med ball clean as explosive exercise


There are other ways to build explosive strength other than with steel.  I like to attempt to mimic explosive movements using heavy medicine balls.  Here I use a heavy med ball to perform a power clean.


  • Start in power clean position
  • Chest up, hips low.
  • Explode up and pull ball up towards chest
  • As you receive ball, explode it into the wall
  • Pause and repeat