Sled Pulling for maximum performance

Sled pulling is the ultra-way of increasing speed and explosive strength. Check out this video of  student-athletes in action performing sled sprints on the gym floor as the athletes work drive and acceleration.

Split stance two arm rope slam

Want to create a GREAT cardio strength effect?  Grab a rope and start banging it on the ground :) Battle Ropes are fast becoming a craze among the masses looking for alternative cardio solutions. It's not time intensive, yet the time you spend doing them leaves you gasping for air.

Battle Rope TIPS:
  • Experiment with different stances
  • Do rope for time or predetermined amount of slams
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe: focus on you air capacity
Grab a rope and get started today!

Med ball box jump

Tighten that core, hold the ball and perform plyo box jumps!  I love holding the medicine ball while performing the plyo box jump because not only does it add weight resistance to the jump, but by holding the ball away from your body you engage your core muscles a little bit more.

Rep ranges generally depend upon the height of the box and weight of the ball. When landing try to land on your "power pads" (forefoot) and when jumping "snap" your knees.

Plyos jumps are great for adding explosiveness, strength and creating quickness in athletes.  Add the ball for an even more challenging jump!

Ladd angle Box jumps with resistance

I love using the angle box for plyo jumps because it creates a different angle to both explode to and land on. I like it for the almost "game like" lateral movement of it.

Adding the use of resistance bands creates resistance at the point of the jump and as the athlete lands. When added on one side (see the video above), it makes for a more challenging jump and landing.

Wish Bone front squat

The Pur Motion Wish Bone is a great tool for building power in the explosive movements, but also for building strength. check out the Wish Bone squat in the video above