Wish Bone front squat

The Pur Motion Wish Bone is a great tool for building power in the explosive movements, but also for building strength. check out the Wish Bone squat in the video above

Bench Plank DB Row

Combine a core exercise with a pull exercise and the coveted Training Mask....THIS is what you get.  Keep your core tight and breathe!

Total Body KB Training Session

Just for a session, try to ditch the barbell and replace with a KB. Do the same type of lifts.  It will blow your mind!

Combining to training devices is like combining exercises for maximum results

I combined the use of the SKL D-Man with the Vertimax while recently training my two young son's. I love the idea of combining training tools for maximum results, similar to combining exercises. 

Check out how combining a vertical jump trainer with a basketball skill trainer can have maximum benefits in the video above

Build a recovery "goodie bag" out of an assortment of tools

For the sake of daily performance and maintenance, I find it a good idea to have your own "recovery goodie bag". Recently I've started experimenting with the right size of bag and the contents to put in it.

I have discovered after using it the past few weeks that the main tools I use in my goodie recovery bag are:

  • Foam Roller
  • LAX ball
  • Softer Target Point Ball
  • Assortment of Bands
  • Dual "lax type ball"
These have ended up being the perfect items that I can pop out anytime to smooth out some aches and pains, and open up my body's range of motion and flexibility.  Then I zip them all into my bag (actually it's a zip up Yoga Mat Bag!) and be on my way!

Experiment with some items and build your own recovery goodie bag.