Create your training legacy

Training is a way to prep for activity.

 It's different than "working out". 

Training is doing the work in preparation for what's to come. A training mindset is a preparation mindset. So choose the mindset that will enhance your performance and get your competitive juices flowing. Train for the sake of the work and what it will do for your performance. Create a training legacy as you train for those who came before you and those coming after you.

Don't' workout. TRAIN

Wish bone snatch is a great over the head power movement

The Pur Motion Wish Bone snatch is a "power snatch" that enables you to finish with a killer lean.  One of my favorite movements in getting an overhead extension explosively.

Readers are leaders....

Readers are leaders. Find those moments to enhance your mindset and outlook on life by taking time to take advantage of the written word.

Reading books (whether they are fiction or non-fiction) can aid in our minds ability to process information and to put us in a positive creative state.

It doesn’t have to be “the great American novel”. Read what interests you and takes your mind to a different place.

Hurdle weave/side step combo drills perfect for the ground based athlete

Hurdle combo's are fantastic when you can combine multiple directions like moving forward and laterally. Athletes need to raise their feet to move over hurdles and stay on the balls of their feet to move between them.

These two vids are applicable for any ground based athlete

Amp up your training with Kettle Bells

This is an older video I created, but still holds true today. I performed a “Total Body Strength” Training session with a KB and weighted jacket.

It was all about trains movements not body parts, so the categories included:
  1. Explosive Lift
  2. Knee Dominant
  3. Hip Dominatant
  4. Push Exercise 
  5. Pull Exercise 
A couple of ways to attack this training session: You can do one set of each exercise, and then move to the next exercise. After completing one set of each exercise, repeat the cycle.

Another way is to perform all sets of an exercise then move on to the next exercise.

Vary your rep range and customize it to your performance goals.