I'm a firm believer that if you are on the go, TAKE IT WITH YOU-water bottles, clothing, gear, etc.

I LOVE gear bags, and my fav Christmas presents this year from the fam was my gear bags from "Training Mask" company.

Plenty of room for my training 'stuff'. Don't leave it at home---get a good gear bag and take it with you!

Hang clean

Hang clean plus Training Mask is a total game changer!  Increases stamina and strength in one exercise.

Wishbone Complex: Rdl, Row, Hang Clean, Push Press

I like the idea of performing super sets when lifting and any other type combination moves.

One of my faves is using the Wishbone by Pur Motion.  With the Wishbone I can perform the same types of combinations that I can do with the Barbell or Dumbbell.  In this video using the Wishbone  I perform the RDL, Bent Row, hang Clean and Push Press together.

Plate glute ham sit up

Want a way to fire up your core?  Perform the glue ham sit up.  By holding the a weight away from your body and leaning backwards then "hovering" your core, you will engage and get a different feel than the typical core exercise.

This glute ham sit up while tough, is also a great way to increase core stabilization and body control.


  • Be steady on your decent
  • Engage (tighten) your core before each rep
  • Ready your shoulders to hold the plate by "locking" your shoulder blades together.