Zoid 2-in-2-out works footwork and athleticism from the ground up

I always say, "athleticism works from the ground up!"

It all starts with your feet. How well your feet move and make contact with the ground determines how your body moves.  I call it "clean footwork".  The cleaner (more efficient) your footwork is, the more efficient your movements are.

I love using the SKLZ Agility Trainers for footwork.  Keeping the athlete in one place, footwork can be trained using a variety of movement patterns.

A favorite of mine is "2-in-2-out". This is done by athletes keeping their body over the top of the Zoid as their feet move side to side.  The movement is made "clean" by staying on your power pads (forefoot) and not scuffing or sliding your feet across, but by picking up your feet in small steps.

Although this is done in place, it will translate into how athletes move forward, backwards and laterally.

New tool builds explosiveness for athletes

Using the olympic style lifts has been a great way to build explosiveness for athletes.

Pur Motion has created a way to do it in a new way using the "Wish Bone" clean and jerk attachment.  Using this attachment that you attach to an olympic bar, you can perform olympic style lifts in a whole new way.

With your hands in a neutral grip position, you can perform explosive lifts using this great new tool AND finish with a forward lean instead of upright.  Check out the vid's in this blog to see it in action.

Pur Motions War Hammer Rotational Clean

I love the olympic movements because they create a great explosive effect to add to your training arsenal.  Pur Motion created these unique handles (War Hammers) that fit the end of olympic bars that add even more variety to your training.

Attach the handles, shift your body laterally to start, and you can create an "explosive rotational" exercise (see above).  It's a clean with a rotation, so it's like working an explosive movements multi-directionally.

Core Killer Combo: Bench Plank DB Row

I like combinations exercises because it creates an awesome training effect, plus kills two birds with one stone. In the video above I am combining a plank (core) with a DB row (pulling exercise).

I like it because I have to really stabilize to get the effect of working my core.

Try it out and shoot me your thoughts.

Sled Pulling for maximum performance

Sled pulling is the ultra-way of increasing speed and explosive strength. Check out this video of  student-athletes in action performing sled sprints on the gym floor as the athletes work drive and acceleration.