DB explosive movement with lower body strength movement

Combine a lower body exercise with an explosive movement with DB hang clean and step up.

Alternate your legs, and be explosive on the clean portion at the beginning. Check out the video and add this to your workout routine.

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Weight Vest agility hoop/ladder combo drills

These drills can be done with either an agility Hoops or agility ladders.  Performing quick feet drills while wearing a weighted jacket increases leg strength and speed of movement.

You want to make sure that your load is not TOO heavy; you want a moderate amount of weight so that it does not create heavy steps, but simply adds resistance as you train.

See the various drills performed in the video above, and note arm action and foot action in each drill.   One last thing to note is "power pad action": stay on the balls of your feet as you perform each drill.

Training mask med ball power clean

Looking to build olympic movement type of explosiveness without the bar? Try using a medicine ball.

Sink you hips, chest up, and throw the ball with your hips.


  • Slight pause between throws
  • Stay relatively close to wall
  • Use a heavy ball

See the video above on how to turn the med ball throw into a great explosive drill.

Ring quick step down and back

Work first step quickness action with agility ladders or agility hoops/zoids.  The key is to focus on light quick steps as you move through these training tools. Because lateral movement is such a key in sports, keeping your body square is an important part of this foot work drill. 

Drill Keys:

  • Stay on the balls of your feet during the drill
  • Move you hands in fast, humming bird-like motion
  • While moving laterally pick up your the trail foot, DON'T DRAG IT