Don't just track and log training sessions: take a stab at loggin your life

We can be very mindful of tracking our training sessions with various apps and pieces of technology.  

Tracking is important because it gives you a road map backwards over the terrain that you have traveled in your training, and can give you great feedback on how to train moving forward.

If we are so meticulous to do this in our training life, why not do it in our day-to-day lives?  Tracking our thoughts and daily events can add clarity to our lives and provide us with good focus on not only how to navigate forward, but gives us a "history" on our thought process.

And it's not just the content that we write down, but the process of which that can be clarifying.  Putting our thoughts down in a concrete format can act as a good way to flow our thoughts from the inside to the outside world and can be liberating for us.

Our journals can also be a plan of action blue print about actions we'd like to take moving forward in our lives.  Journals can be a way to reflect and a way to map out our lives.

Try it.

Search within to find what you really want

We spend countless hours and precious time searching for the "thing" outside of us to make us happy, more confident, stronger, and more successful.  This search takes us to things that we think will give us what we crave, and finding that "thing" cant be like searching for the holy grail.

But search no more! I truly believe that everything that we need exists inside of us.  It may take a moment of self reflection, or an "aha!" moment to find it, but what you are seeking is inside of you.

I heard it said once that "whatever you're seeking is also seeking you". I also believe that whatever your seeking is also inside of you.  No need to look outside for the better you, take the search inward.  It may be a search that takes you on a nice journey of self reflection and realization about who you are and what you want in life, and that's okay.  

The process of finding what we want and who we are begins with us.  Stop searching outside, and search within. You'll like what you find.

War Hammer Landmine Kneeling Press

As if I haven't gabbed about the beauty of the War Hammer enough recently, I here is another post on one of the advantages of using the War Hammer. (note: the War Hammer is the handle device that goes on the end of the barbell with the other end going into a traditional landmine swivel unit).

The kneeling press is done exactly how it sounds, on one knee.  The arm pressing will be on the same side of the body that has the knee on the ground. The thing that I like the most is that you must stabilize your torso in a kneeling position as you press the War Hammer/bar overhead. This does not allow for any assistance from the body in the form of 'dipping and pressing the bar", so it's all arm action.

A great alternative to the traditional military overhead press, and kneeling makes the balancing part a bit challenging as well.

Don't just track training sessions and nutrition: track your LIFE !

The story of our lives is contained in our daily moments.  We like to track certain things in our lives: our training, our food, our time.  

What about tracking our lives?  Tracking our lives creates the awesome effect of showing us the road behind us while giving us insight on the road ahead.

One way to do this is by keeping a journal to track your daily life. Less of a "planner" or "to do book", a journal is a way to store and collect moments from the days of our lives.  A way to give life to thoughts, a way to bring meaning to inner situations, and a great way to reflect on how we spent our time throughout the day.

The best thing is going back through and seeing the progress that we made through a day, a situation that we were able to master, or mistake/failure that we grew through that provided us with a deeper meaning about our lives.

Try journaling in your life and see where it takes you, or what it does for you.  It's worth it to write out those moments now to reflect on and learn from later.

A million things for lower body work, and here is one: War hammer Reverse Lunge

Lower body work is one thing you either love or hate: that's why there are a million things to do when it comes to lower body work.  

You can train legs independently of each other;  you can squat; you can step up; use DB's or barbells---the list is endless.

In the above video I am performing a reverse lunge using the Landmine and War Hammer attachments from Pur Motion.

I've chosen to hold the bar in one hand on one side of my body and be "forced" to let my core engage and while keeping my body position upright as I drop into the reverse lunge.

One cool alternative is to do this with arm extended throughout the movement to add in some shoulder stability work.

Click the vid to take a peek. Adapt the exercise to your needs and enjoy!