Training mask med ball power clean

Looking to build olympic movement type of explosiveness without the bar? Try using a medicine ball.

Sink you hips, chest up, and throw the ball with your hips.


  • Slight pause between throws
  • Stay relatively close to wall
  • Use a heavy ball

See the video above on how to turn the med ball throw into a great explosive drill.

Ring quick step down and back

Work first step quickness action with agility ladders or agility hoops/zoids.  The key is to focus on light quick steps as you move through these training tools. Because lateral movement is such a key in sports, keeping your body square is an important part of this foot work drill. 

Drill Keys:

  • Stay on the balls of your feet during the drill
  • Move you hands in fast, humming bird-like motion
  • While moving laterally pick up your the trail foot, DON'T DRAG IT

Work your posterior chain with hip drop, 2 step, Reverse Sled Pulls

You hear a lot about "posterior chain work" (training everything behind you such as glutes, hamstrings, traps, etc) and there are a multitude of ways to put it into practice.

One way is the reverse sled pull.  In the video above, I work my "posterior chain" by:
  • Dropping my hips low
  • Pulling sled towards me by engaging my lats 
  • Standing up, taking two steps backwards, then dropping low and repeating.
It's a REAL BURN, and you add another dimension to it by PUSH the sled a desired length, then pulling it back. OUCH!

Throw the Training Mask on, and it feels like you are a mile high doing this drill!


I LOVE jumping rope, but its one of those exercises that the more you do, the more you have to challenge yourself.  You can challenge yourself in different ways: alternate jumps with your feet, single foot jumps, more reps, etc.

I like the idea of adding a load to jump ropes. When I say load, it can either come from an outside source like a weighted vest or weighted belt, or it can be the rope itself.

With the weight being in the rope, it becomes a "cardio-strength" workout as you perform your jumps.

  • When you jump rope, jump in increments. I like to use an ascending and descending ladder: 25x5075x75x50x25.  With heavy ropes I like to go straight similar reps like 25x25x50x50x75x75.
  • Alternate your sets between using the heavy rope and using a lighter rope. For example, 25 jumps heavy, 25 jumps light, and so on.
  • For an added cardio effect during your workouts, jump rope in between sets.  Do a set of back squats, then rack it, and immediately perform a set of heavy rope jumps (typically about 20-25 reps).

WB kneeling press

Although I call this device "the wish bone" because of its look, but it's really called the 'Clean and Jerk'.

It can be used for Olympic movements, vertical pressing, pulling, etc. Here I am using it to do kneeling over head presses. On one knee I have to stabilize my body upright and press over head. Can't cheat because you can't use your legs. Great exercise for a great device. (Get one HERE at Pur Motion)