Lateral hurdles with hill sprint adds new element to training explosiveness and change of direction

I've always been fascinated by combining drills and exercises together.  It's not that I want to make then difficult for the sake of making them difficult, but the challenge to me is pairing two actions together where athletes have to go seamlessly from one to the next.

This drill featured is one way to work lateral movement and change of direction with uphill resistance sprinting.  Kills two birds with one stone: lateral movement side to side and then explode forward into a resisted sprint.

VERTIMAX PULL UPS: a new spin on a great device

A year ago I got this crazy idea that the Vertimax can be used for just about anything.  To prove a point, I went through a week and tried every drill imaginable using the Vertimax

I took it to another level and tried combining Vertimax and pull ups for resisted pull ups. The best part was being able to vary the resistance from set to set. Check out the video and if you have a Vertimax, try out resisted pull ups!

Add strength to your legs with Reverse Lunges

Take a step back---literally!

Use reverse lunges as a way to increase your leg strength one leg at a time.  We spend much of our time on two legs running, jumping and moving.  Now take a step backwards on one leg and feel what it's like to be on one leg as you momentarily balance, then drive back to the top standing position.

See the video above. This exercise can be performed with DB or with a barbell.

  • Keep your torso upright the entire time
  • Step backwards and use front let to stand, not rear leg to push
  • Engage and tighten your core as you perform each rep.
  • Alternate each leg, or do an entire set of one leg before moving to the next.
Great exercise for sports involving jumping, sprinting and cutting.

Med ball box jump for explosive power and strength

Looking to develop explosive jumping, sprinting and strength?  Add box jumps to your workouts.  Box jumps aid in increasing athletic strength and power when added to a training routine.

Athletes who compete in sports which require rapid bursts of movements and first step explosiveness can find significant benefits from using box jumps during in training sessions.

Here some box jump tips:

  • Feel free to add in a weighted med ball for more resistance (see the video above)
  • To build  explosive strength,  cap your reps on the low end (4-8) at about 3-4 seti

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