Amp up your training with Kettle Bells

This is an older video I created, but still holds true today. I performed a “Total Body Strength” Training session with a KB and weighted jacket.

It was all about trains movements not body parts, so the categories included:
  1. Explosive Lift
  2. Knee Dominant
  3. Hip Dominatant
  4. Push Exercise 
  5. Pull Exercise 
A couple of ways to attack this training session: You can do one set of each exercise, and then move to the next exercise. After completing one set of each exercise, repeat the cycle.

Another way is to perform all sets of an exercise then move on to the next exercise.

Vary your rep range and customize it to your performance goals.

Use the Push Tracker to track individual leg power and velocity

Interested in knowing whether or not you have a strength/power imbalance? The Push Velocity tracker can track individual leg power and velocity with something as simple as box step ups.

It’s a great way to see if one leg “drives” better than the other.

Check out the vid to watch the tracker in action.

The zen of training: why exercise selection doesn't matter and why it does matter

Many times is not what you do, it is how you do it. When I think of that in terms of exercise and training, I believe that it is so true.

I’ve always held to the belief that when it comes to training and preparing my athletes, there are a host of ways to prepare them to play in the competitive arena. Whether it’s dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls in the weight room or the vast variety of speed and agility drills on the turf, there are a ton of ways to prep athletes. 

In fact, you could work out every day for a year and never repeat the same exact work out given the variety of training tools and methods there are.

So it almost becomes a Zen riddle to me: everything matters and then nothing matters. Exercise and drill selection matter, BUT they don’t really matter.

You of course want to select the proper exercises and drills for the desired effect, but it means nothing if that exercise and or drill is not done with great effort and intent. Without those two things, WHAT you do doesn’t matter. It matters more with how you do it.

So be selective and very calculating when it comes to building your training programs for yourself or for your athletes/teams. But don’t stress thinking that the perfect program is “X”, and that it matters so much what you’re doing. Focus on the quality and effort put into the training/workout. 

That’s what matters, and that’s how you solve the zen riddle.

Get rotational explosive

Being explosive is HUGE in sports, and being able to do it multi-directional is even bigger.

Check out Nicole perform the rotational clean using the Pur Motion War Hammer. What’s unique about this is how she starts off sideways and in a fast fluid motion ends of facing a different way.

A big factor in doing this is:
  1. Making sure you perform the move in one fluid action
  2. Think “jump” versus spin
  3. Jump your feet, don’t spin your feet
Check out the vid and at it to your training arsenal 

Find your unique fit: one size doesn’t always fit all

7 billion people in the world. 7 billion.

Each individual has their unique likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc all over the globe.

One persons treasure is another persons junk; one persons loss can be another persons gain. 

With such uniqueness, not everyone is the same. So the same must hold true in terms of exercise and training: what works for some, doesn’t work for others. Running may be a great cardio training session for one person, but a knee killer for someone else.

The variety that we have in exercise and training is a must because different people physically respond in different ways. There is no one method that is the “end all, end all” for training athletes and individuals.

The key is in finding the best training program/routine that is a fit for you based on your uniqueness and what works for you, and crush it.

Find your fit. It’s that easy.