Recovery Lounge at Alpha Training Facility

Training is important, but how is your RECOVERY going?

Recovery is the missing link when it comes to advancing the human body. 

The Alpha Recovery Lounge at our Grand Rapids training facility will help to fill the gap of that missing link between training and performance. Located in the upper mezzanine overlooking the turf and strength training area, it will provide a speedy recovery from the riggers of training and performance.  

The Alpha Recovery Lounge is powered by NormaTec and Power Play cold compression tools to increase blood circulation and help the body get rid of accumulated waste in muscles faster and more efficiently than the body normally can on its own. The result is that muscles heal and recover faster.

Recover as you sit back in one of our recovery recliners and get your body back to 100%

Recovery Membership are available in addition to training memberships. Competitive Athletes, Runners, Fitness Enthusiasts, Active Weekend Warriors—-this lounge is for you!