TRX knees to chest for the ultimate core killer

The TRX is great for killing the core in a suspended state!  Here is how:

  • Put your feet into the foot cradles under the anchor point. Point toes away from your shins. 
  • Placed hands shoulder-width apart, under your shoulders.  
  • "Plank" your torso straight by bracing your core/abdominal muscles along with your glutes and thigh muscles.
  • Keep your feet together throughout the exercise.
  •  Avoid any back and forth swinging of the TRX straps. 
  • Pull your knees toward your chest, tucking your knees under your hips, 
  • keeping your feet together and toes pointed away from your shins

Increase the intensity of this exercise by positioning your body further away from where the anchor point of the TRX is and making the straps longer.