PowerDot creates “Recovery for every body”

This awesome device allows you to perform better, and recover faster through electrical muscle stimulation.  

Electric muscle stimulation comes from devices that send electrical impulses to your muscles to create muscle contractions.This causes slow-twitch & fast-twitch muscle fibers to contract,  which in turn can provide a number of benefits to both performance and recovery.

Used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, this tool brings performance and recovery technology to new levels.

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Crazy 8 Strength Circuit with the Training Mask

I call this Strength Circuit "Crazy 8's", primarily because of the rep range it entails.  In a nutshell, the goal is to select a certain number of exercises, then perform each one back to back.  After you cycle through one set of each exercise, that is considered one set.

The entire time you do the the circuit, you are wearing the Training Mask for the added cardio effect.  This makes not only performing the exercises more intense, but helps to train your lunge copacity and breathing at the same.

The exercises that were chosen for this particular circuit include:
  • Barbell Squat
  • DB Bench Press
  • DB RDL
  • DB Bent Row
This selection was based on a Total Body goal of the Pushing, Pulling and working the lower body along with hips/hamstrings. As stated previously, the goal is to perform 8 reps of each exercise in a circuit fashion.

Recover between each set only as much as you need to, then begin the next set. 

The Training Mask worn during the Crazy 8's offers modified air restriction to you lungs, making it more intense so that you have to intentionally control your breath. 


The new Train Performance Massage Gun offers pain relief

The new Train Performance Massage Gun uses percussion therapy for recovery while treating muscle groups reducing  joint and muscle pain.

Aids in increasing mobility as it breaks up nots, releases trigger points while improving recovery.

A must have recovery tool!

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Training Mask contrast training for great effect

Using the Training Mask has benefits that serve anyone trying to maximize their strength and fitness.  While the benefits of training with the Training Mask are numerous, a big one is using it to increase endurance and breathing capacity during training sessions. This increase transfers over into performance once the mask is not being worn while performing athletic activities.

One way to utilize the Training Mask is doing Contrast Training.  In a nutshell, Contrast Training is alternating wearing the Training Mask every other set while performing exercises.

For example, in the first video I am performing a hang clean+row+ RDL using the Pur Motion Hang Clean device while wearing the Training Mask.

In the second set, the Training Mask comes off and the same exact exercise is performed using the same sets and reps.

A good analogy for this type of training where you alternate the Training Mask set to set in this fashion is like training with a weighted vest, and then taking is off every other sprint during sprint intervals.  The weighted load of the weight vest on the body is like the 'weighted load' of the Training Mask for breathing.

Contrast training is one of the many great ways to use the Training Mask in your performance training.  I've found that it is a 'must have' training device for the serious performance training and fitness arsenal.

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Training Mask brings performance training to the next level

Innovative training devices from Pur Motion are changing the training landscape