Alpha is for EVERYONE

Alpha is for EVERYONE!

It’s awesome to review the training sessions everyday in our “Alpha Up!” program to see so many people using this time at home to engage in training through our “Alpha Up!” Program. 
Training isn’t just for athletes: it’s for fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking for the health and wellness benefits that training can bring about.

I’m really looking forward to working with our Adult Training Classes at our upcoming facility! Programs are built for active lifestyle people looking to increase their physical fitness. 
Our two programs we will offer are Tactical Cardio (HIIT, Boot Camp style) and Tactical Strength (group strength and cross training). Ideal for building strength, losing weight,  building endurance, core strength and for overall performance health and fitness. 
A great way to build community through fitness.

Programs available at our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility (COMING SOON!) In the meantime if you’re looking for FREE at home training, download the TranHeroic app and enter access code ‘alphaup’. Full calendar of daily workouts that can be done with and without training equipment. For those of you that are GRINDING it out each day in our program, keep up the good work!