Track your Training, Track your life!

Tracking your daily performance doesn’t have to be a big production. A simple app like Under Armour Record can sync your life together in terms of your training, sleep and nutrition.

There are a variety of apps currently available on the market that that can be used to track your daily performance, as well as a plethora of wearable trackers that link to these various apps.

The importance of tracking isn’t about being regimented and super structured about your life, but more about taking notice. Taking notice of how much sleep you get, how you’re fueling your body and how much fitness/activity your getting can help you see how these things impact your energy levels, moods and productivity throughout the day. 

It’s fast, simple and doesn’t have to be your daily road map: you can use it as your barometer to see where you are at physically and mentally from time to time. 

Experiment and find the tracking system for you in the form of apps and even wearables. See how it can add a cool barometer to your life to help provide both physical and mental clarity and balance.