Performing drills with the Jawku wrist timer aids in training with mindful intensity

Timing for testing is great, but timing during drill work is fantastic as well.

Timing for drill work is great because as you time the drills you train with better and better intention, attempting to perform the drill even faster the next set.

I paired a basic 2-in-2-out step+sprint with our Jawku timer. The Jawku wrist timer is great because it pairs with iPhone or iPad, which is placed at the end distance of the drill.

Once the athlete taps the button on the Jawku (located on the wrist), they will hear 3 beeps. After the 3rd beep, the athlete begins the drill, and when they sprint past the iPad, the timing stops.

This is a great way to combine drill work with a timer, creating a competitive workout where the athlete has to train with great competitive effort each time they perform a drill, because the speed is measured in real time.

A great way to train with mindful intensity!