War Hammer Landmine Kneeling Press

As if I haven't gabbed about the beauty of the War Hammer enough recently, I here is another post on one of the advantages of using the War Hammer. (note: the War Hammer is the handle device that goes on the end of the barbell with the other end going into a traditional landmine swivel unit).

The kneeling press is done exactly how it sounds, on one knee.  The arm pressing will be on the same side of the body that has the knee on the ground. The thing that I like the most is that you must stabilize your torso in a kneeling position as you press the War Hammer/bar overhead. This does not allow for any assistance from the body in the form of 'dipping and pressing the bar", so it's all arm action.

A great alternative to the traditional military overhead press, and kneeling makes the balancing part a bit challenging as well.