Don't just track training sessions and nutrition: track your LIFE !

The story of our lives is contained in our daily moments.  We like to track certain things in our lives: our training, our food, our time.  

What about tracking our lives?  Tracking our lives creates the awesome effect of showing us the road behind us while giving us insight on the road ahead.

One way to do this is by keeping a journal to track your daily life. Less of a "planner" or "to do book", a journal is a way to store and collect moments from the days of our lives.  A way to give life to thoughts, a way to bring meaning to inner situations, and a great way to reflect on how we spent our time throughout the day.

The best thing is going back through and seeing the progress that we made through a day, a situation that we were able to master, or mistake/failure that we grew through that provided us with a deeper meaning about our lives.

Try journaling in your life and see where it takes you, or what it does for you.  It's worth it to write out those moments now to reflect on and learn from later.