War Hammer RDL adds new dimension to posterior chain movements

I love the one legged RDL. It's perfect for working the hip and hamstring area, and being on one leg adds in the stability factor.

I usually do it with DB's (either in one hand or two) but recently I've started doing it with the straight bar affixed to the Pur Motion Renegade (see it here).  The renegade is a swivel unit that you place in the center of a 45 pound plate that lays flat on the ground. An Olympic bar is then place inside the sleeve of the renegade unit allowing it to swivel around.

Grabbing the opposite side of the bar and moving to the side, you are then able to perform one legged RDL's. (see he video above. In the video I have my hand placed in the Pur Motion War Hammer handle)

This movement doesn't have to take place using  Pur Motion equipment. This RDL movement can be done in the same manner by taking the bar and leaning it against a wall while grabbing the end of the bar as a handle.

One legged RDL's are key in helping athletes run faster and it works the posterior chain in a different way. It's a great way to reinforce and strengthen the hamstrings. I like to keep the rep range around 8 and I don't really load the bar heavy, but use moderate weight that challenges the hamstring and hip without taking away from my form.

Watch the vid, and try it out. Add it to your training arsenal!