Search within to find what you really want

We spend countless hours and precious time searching for the "thing" outside of us to make us happy, more confident, stronger, and more successful.  This search takes us to things that we think will give us what we crave, and finding that "thing" cant be like searching for the holy grail.

But search no more! I truly believe that everything that we need exists inside of us.  It may take a moment of self reflection, or an "aha!" moment to find it, but what you are seeking is inside of you.

I heard it said once that "whatever you're seeking is also seeking you". I also believe that whatever your seeking is also inside of you.  No need to look outside for the better you, take the search inward.  It may be a search that takes you on a nice journey of self reflection and realization about who you are and what you want in life, and that's okay.  

The process of finding what we want and who we are begins with us.  Stop searching outside, and search within. You'll like what you find.