Ball Slam, Ball Rotations and the Training Mask

The more I train, the more variety that I find!  There are so many different exercises and drills out there that you could spend a lifetime categorizing and sampling each one.

What never gets old to me are medicine balls. You could come up with a gazillion ways to use them, and they aid in everything from strength to cardio work.

In these two vids, we use med ball slams and med ball rotational throws while wearing the Training Mask.  A good way to 'crush it' and add some "ouch" to this routine is:
  • Alternate the exercises set to set
  • Limit your training recovery time to 90 seconds between sets
  • Dial the training mask resistance up and down throughout sets.
A good set/rep range is 4 sets of 8-10 reps, but that can vary dependent upon the weight of the balls. Now go crush it!!