Training Mask Sled push for Ventilatory Threshold increase

"Ventilatory Threshold is the point during an activity in which breathing volume becomes insufficient to meet the oxygen demands of the body during exertion. TrainingMask® has been shown to increase Ventilatory Threshold giving you access to more activity capacity during exertion."


Training with the Training Mask during sled training is a sure fire way to increase ventilatory threshold.  The goal of the sled push isn't just for increasing leg strength, but also to create a "cardio state" where breathing comes into play.

In this state you are creating more work capacity, and increasing your ability to get into better fitness and conditioning.

Sled tips + Training Mask Tips:

  • Dont just stack weight on, put weight on that you can MOVE
  • The video above shows pushing of the sled. Try pulling it as well
  • Sled speed can vary; you can run the sled fast, of focus on marching the sled at a steady pace
  • Alternate sled pushes/pulls by taking off the Training Mask every other push/pull