Don't just track and log training sessions: take a stab at loggin your life

We can be very mindful of tracking our training sessions with various apps and pieces of technology.  

Tracking is important because it gives you a road map backwards over the terrain that you have traveled in your training, and can give you great feedback on how to train moving forward.

If we are so meticulous to do this in our training life, why not do it in our day-to-day lives?  Tracking our thoughts and daily events can add clarity to our lives and provide us with good focus on not only how to navigate forward, but gives us a "history" on our thought process.

And it's not just the content that we write down, but the process of which that can be clarifying.  Putting our thoughts down in a concrete format can act as a good way to flow our thoughts from the inside to the outside world and can be liberating for us.

Our journals can also be a plan of action blue print about actions we'd like to take moving forward in our lives.  Journals can be a way to reflect and a way to map out our lives.

Try it.