Preparation: the key to success in sport and life

 I strongly believe that the more confidence you have, the better you perform--in sport and in life.

But strong confidence come from a variety of factors, one of them being PREPARATION.  The harder we prepare, the more we increase the likelihood of success in everything we do.

In training athletes over the years, I've found that although training methods and tools have changed, the one constant is that when preparation meets opportunity, good things happen.

As you prepare to reach your goals, understand that your preparation is the key to your success. Prepare to reach your goals by committing to a goal, then finding ways to reach them.  With physical goals, we need to understand where we want to go (be faster, stronger, more agile, etc) and then find the tools/methods we need to prepare to reach those goals.

Want to reach your goal? Prepare to the maximum of your abilities, and treat preparation like a process that is that will bring you closer everyday to reaching your goals.