They are BIG and they come in a variety of weights to accommodate everyone; what I am talking about is the 14” medicine balls that have stepped their game up into the world of not only sports performance, but have become a fan favorite of fitness enthusiasts everywhere. 

The uniqueness of these medicine balls and what sets them apart is their shear SIZE. The 14” diameter is a drastic dif-ference from their smaller counter part, which means users have to use a little more core strength to use it effectively. 

The big 14” balls are even better when they come “bounceless” —meaning they don’t bounce. This is especially challenging when it comes to rotational or forward wall slams, but this forc-es the user to throw with more force and velocity. 

Types of throws with these monster balls include rotational, vertical, forward, floor slams—-the list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination. 

The balls can be used in your workouts when training for power, strength, core and explosive-ness. See the video below of the 14” ball in action, and if your interested in grabbing your own, click the Rogue fitness link at the bottom of the page and order yours today!