Online Training Program

The ALPHA Online Training Program is a customized program  that takes all of the guesswork out of training. Our individualized programs give you everything you need to get performance results to maximize your success!

Types of Custom Online Training Programs ALPHA creates:

Sport Specific Speed, Agility, Quickness  Explosive starts, acceleration and change of direction training

Sports Specific Strength and Power  Training to improve sport and position specific strength and power for improved performance

Sport Specific Total Athlete Programs  Includes SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness), Strength/Power and 

Fitness Specific Training   Training to improve specific areas for overall improved health and fitness.

Goal Specific Training  Training for  events such as endurance races, or specific goals such as core strength and mobility. 

Team Training also available (See below for details) 

Features of ALPHA Online Training:

Expert Programming and Support – from experienced Performance Trainer to guide and motivate you
Mobile App – your training program is accessible from any phone or tablet 24/7 at the touch of the app
Training Calendar – your own in app training calendar, customized for your training days 
Workout Tracker  – you input the weights, reps, distances that you perform into your app as you go.  This creates a training history for you and a personal training journal of your training loads, sets, reps, exercises and drills---all in one place
Pre Workout Readiness Survey – 30-second pre-workout survey to gauge your 1) Sleep Quality 2) Mood  3) Energy Level 4) Stress Level 5)Soreness 
Pre Workout Reflection – 30-second post-workout reflection to gauge Workout Intensity (scale of 1-10) and a place to input any optional notes from the workout session. 
*Team Training Option – with Team Training Program, each team member will have the above features using a training program that is customized for the entire team. 

Benefits of Online Training:

1) Scheduling
Scheduling time with a performance trainer can be hectic, trying to line up the times when you can get your training in. Remote Online training solves that problem by eliminating scheduling from the equation. You choose the time to train when it’s convenient for your schedule.

2) Cost Effective
Working 1-on-1 with a trainer can be expensive. Online training solves this problem by providing your our expertise, but at a fraction of the cost of our in-person sessions.

3) Expert Coaching
Don’t underestimate the power of having a top notch coach in your corner. Communication between an athlete/client and coach is key to the success of any program. Use your coach as a resource and we’ll help you make the right choices.

The ALPHA Online Remote Training system is powered by Train Heroic.  This state of the art system allows ALPHA to train Athletes and Teams remotely and track the exact progress of their performance training.

The Performance MINDSET

Training the BODY is important; training the MIND essential. Creating a performance mindset that goes along with physical training is a key part of our program.  

The ALPHA Mindset Program is built into our performance program so the two go hand in hand through your remote training experience.

Get Started today with these steps: 

Decide the type of training program necessary to achieve your goal that you would like ALPHA to build. Click BUY NOW bottom at bottom of this page.

Complete the Online Training Registration below to let ALPHA know your exact training specifications (click here)

Programming, exercise video library, monitoring, and coach communication are all delivered through the Train Heroic app which is available as an iOS or Android app.

Be confident knowing that we’ve built a top notch training plan that covers all the exact specifications of what you are looking for!

As you progress through the program, you will be able to communicate, receive modifications/adjustments, and mindset motivation to take your training to the next level!

ALPHA Online Training Costs:

Individual 4-Week Program: $199

Sports Team 4-Week Program: $249

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