Find your unique fit: one size doesn’t always fit all

7 billion people in the world. 7 billion.

Each individual has their unique likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc all over the globe.

One persons treasure is another persons junk; one persons loss can be another persons gain. 

With such uniqueness, not everyone is the same. So the same must hold true in terms of exercise and training: what works for some, doesn’t work for others. Running may be a great cardio training session for one person, but a knee killer for someone else.

The variety that we have in exercise and training is a must because different people physically respond in different ways. There is no one method that is the “end all, end all” for training athletes and individuals.

The key is in finding the best training program/routine that is a fit for you based on your uniqueness and what works for you, and crush it.

Find your fit. It’s that easy.