Incorporating battle ropes into your training

Battle Ropes are a great training tool to integrate into your sports performance training.  The ropes can be used for a variety of training purposes, from strengthening to muscles to cardio conditioning.

There are a variety of exercises/drills that can be performed using the ropes, and three of which are illustrate below.

Split stance two arm rope slam

This staggered leg rope slam is perfect for increasing balance and stability.  The goal is to put your body in a semi-unstable position and begin slamming the rope up and down creating momentum which leads to instability.

Engaging your core and staying rigid, square and tight in your hips enables you to be stable as you slam the rope repeatedly on the ground.

Alternate arm rope slam

Taking a square athletic stance facing the ropes, begin alternately slamming your arms up and down on the ground in a quick ground striking motion.  Keep your hips semi-low and torso stable as you slam the ropes, creating a great cardio training and arm strengthening effect.

Two arm rope slam

Also known as the "double rope slam", take the same square athletic stance facing the ropes, and explosively move your arms up and down on the ground in a fast manner.  Hips are still semi-low with a stable torso as you slam the ropes.

Sets, reps and time

When incorporating battle ropes into you workout, you can perform them systematically in a variety of ways, such as a specific numbers of reps (slams) or a specific amount of time.

I believe that battle ropes are also a great addition to explosive training days between exercises or sets of excises.

Try them out and enjoy!