Training Mask and Explosive Exercises make a great combo

I am a huge fan the The Training Mask High Altitude trainer.  I used it weekly in my workouts as a way to not only create a cardio effect, but wearing it helps me to increase my work capacity during lifts, and adds another level of resistance.

In this particular workout I used the Training Mask while focusing soley on the explosive lifts. The lifts included:
  • Power Clean
  • Jump Shrug
  • Muscle Snatch
  • Kettlebell Swing
I capped all of the reps at 5 moving moderately heavy/challenging weights.  I had to focus on my breathing to not get "shortness of breathe", and found myself better able to focus in on technique and REALLY explode every rep.

The Training Mask is my go-to for increasing my strength and endurance, and can be used in other physical training activities as well (running, jumping, biking, etc). Want one? Check out the Training Mask ad on the side bar for more info.