War Rotational for multi-directional explosiveness

Explosive exercises such as hang cleans and plyo box jumps are great for building traditional explosiveness for athletes. After all, a big cornerstone trait of some of the best athletes is their ability to be explosive during competition.

Doing a rotational clean is a great way to build multi directional explosiveness. Being explosive in a"linear" way is great, but even better is the ability to be explosive in different planes.

Check out the above video of the rotational clean as Nicole performs it with the Pur Motion War Hammer and Landmine unit.  

She starts off with a side ways staggered "sports start" stance, and explodes around to finish in a square stance. The rotation of the movement adds to the challenge of exploding in a sideways manor with her feet changing from staggered to square.

The nature of Sports often is about moving side ways, forwards, backwards, stopping, starting, jumping, etc. 

Use the rotational clean for multi-directional explosive training, and see how well it impacts your performance!