Tip from a previous BLOG POST

I posted this little tid bit a while back, but now due to "popular demand", I am re-posting it.

About a year ago I was asked by an athlete what time of day that I believed was the optimal time to workout/train for maximum results. I gave my answer, then decided to share it with the world thinking, "This is the $100,000 question that I get asked all of the time!"

And guess what: I was asked again recently the same question, and my answer is still the same. Check out my answer below!

Did you know that working out in the morning has the ability to boost energy for the rest of your day? A.M. workouts can jump-start your metabolism and the effect of exercise activity can last long after the workout is over.

So next time you debate between workout out in thee morning or evening---don't hit snooze, get out of bed and start working out!!